Geolocation Marketing

It is early days for Geolocation Marketing with the launch of Facebook places things are about to get a lot more interesting. However for Australian businesses looking to jump on the bandwagon I don’t think it’s time yet. Gowalla and Foursquare are both interesting applications, but I think the real killer app will be something more like Google Latitude, something that doesn’t require checkin’s but lets you accrue rewards and points as you travel about your every day life.

There are so many more profitable areas in your business you could touch up. Your sales funnel, online marketing, referral system, search engine optimisation the list goes on. While new technology is always exciting it’s always a good idea to remember that the surest way to success is to follow tried and true methods. Especially in marketing your business there are best practices out there you just need to research and apply them. Location based apps are the icing on the cake master the fundamentals first.

For an early look at Geolocation Marketing see the New Jersey Nets Case Study.

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