The problem with great brand advertising

Great advertisements make us want to try new products and services. Companies spend millions on campaigns to change their image. The run of bank west ads that has being bombarding aussie’s for the past year was extremely effective at convincing us it is the happy banking experience.

The only problem is they forgot to actually deliver the happy banking experience. At the end of the day they are just a typical bank and I can’t criticize them to harshly for that.

It is though a great example of the problem with great brand advertising that doesn’t reflect what you actually deliver:

  • No one will spread your message because it’s not real
  • People that do try you out are going to be let down when you don’t deliver what you promised
  • Your going to have to continue to spend tons of money forever to keep up your image, it will never support itself
  • Staff and business partners will disconnect with your manufactured image

On the flip side take a company like South West Airlines, sure they try and put out some brand advertising as well, but it doesn’t work. People know they have bad customer service, yet they got the highest customer satisfaction in a survey of airlines. People are happy when they get what they expect. Don’t let your marketing get out of touch with what customers can expect from the rest of your company.

Think more about how you can improve what you do, not how you look.

listening to your customer is one thing, but actually giving a shit and doing something about it is what truly matters” - Gary Vaynerchuk

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