Sell people what they need not what they want

Too many service providers are willing to sell their customers whatever it is they want. Seems to make sense right? Only problem is when you know what your customer wants isn’t what your customer needs.

This creates a dilemna do you satisfy your customers want or do you challenge them and risk losing the sales to get them what they need. I believe it’s a dangerous road to go down selling clients what they want, in the marketing consulting arena it’s downright irresponsible. Plenty of businesses are happy to take your money for services that aren’t going to benefit your business. In the long run though it always leaves both parties feeling burned and cheap.

Next time you look at purchasing an ad campaign or a website try writing down the number of questions they ask you about your business. If it’s a low number (less than 30) chances are you’ve hit a churn and burn provider that isn’t looking for a long term relationship or getting you the results you really want.

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