The Truth About Ad Sales

The above video is a rather comedic look at the world of ad sales. Unfortunately it’s not so far from the truth. It’s fine for big companies to throw money around like this (carpet bombing the entire country does work if you have a billion dollars to spend). But growing businesses requires a much stricter strategy and return on investment.

Radio, TV and Magazine ads should all be tracked 100%. Cut any advertising which does not pay for itself. This can easily be done by using a unique phone number or online tracking software if your goals are web based.

Ad reps are going to tell you, that you should run the ad a few times and that branding is important so you are doing the right thing. That’s their job to sell ads. It’s your job to look for smarter ways to spend your advertising budget.

Online advertising can be much more targeted and cheaper than Radio, TV and Magazine advertising and also much easier to setup, manage and scale.

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